Court Reporting Services in New York City, NY

A Word to the Whys…™

Vast Experience

Fink & Carney certified reporters are among the most experienced in New York City. Many have been with the firm for decades with an outstanding record of service.


The Fink & Carney reputation is legendary. When the Justice Department deposed Jimmy Carter; when five foreign governments needed specialized reporting, they called Fink & Carney.

Quick Response

If the deposition is on Lexington Avenue or in Liverpool, England, Fink & Carney's reporters are passport ready to go at a moment's notice.


We are located in the heart of Manhattan, between Grand Central and Penn Stations and 5th and 6th Avenues. We offer full-sized conference rooms, video deposition and videoconferencing facilities, and amenities (as our guests, we provide breakfast and lunch free of charge). We'll even provide free RETURN service to all major metropolitan airports (sorry, we cannot pick you up).

Services Provided Include:

  • Full litigation support
  • Realtime transcription on location or over the Internet
  • E-Transcript, PDF, ASCII/txt, and other file formats available
  • Condensed Transcript with Word Index
  • Searchable Scanned Exhibits
  • Transcript Linked to Exhibits.
  • Video Synchronization
  • Video Depositions and in-house video staff
  • Free Deposition Conference Rooms
  • State-of-the-art special effects, editing, dubbing, copying capabilities of both video and audio
  • Domestic and International Videoconferencing